The training will be in English language

Day 1 - Google AdWords


Brief overview of internet marketing and its capabilities

Exploring the behavior of internet users (how, when and what they are searching for)

What is Google AdWords and how to create an account

Advertising on internet portals and YouTube

Day 2 - Google AdWords


AdWords search campaigns

Determine the location where the ad is visible

How to set up the right campaign structure

How to write a good ad by Google policy rules

What are ad extensions and how to set them up

Which keyword matches exist

Set up Display campaign

How to set up display or text ad on portal or in a Gmail

Fundamentals of campaign optimization by KPIs

How to fix your Quality Score or reduce your click price

How to check if you have duplicate keywords

How to identify and eliminate ineffective words

How to identify and eliminate potential "thieves" (false clicks)

How to find out what the users are really interested in

How to find out who is still advertising for "our words"

How to achieve better results with your AdWords campaign

Day 3 - Google Analytics


Introducing Google Analytics - Why digital analytics, how Analytics works, Analytics structure, navigating Google Analytics

Basic reporting - understanding the basic metrics and reports, creating and sharing dashboards

Campaign and Conversion Tracking - Measuring Custom campaigns, using Goals to measure success